The aim for DP2 is to respond on the following questions (amongst others): 

  • What is risk?
  • How do we handle risk at NGI?
  • What risk assessment methods are available, and for what purpose are they relevant?
  • How do we use quantitative methods (including probability based methods) in risk assessment studies?
  • What are the ingredients in risk management?

The work in DP2 includes literature studies relevant for future NGI risk activities, in addition to a thorough investigation into past and present NGI risk related projects.

Internal as well as external seminars are important for knowledge sharing and for building up a solid team of competent risk experts at NGI. In 2014, this has been done through the production of the report "Framework and strategy for risk projects at NGI", internal meetings and one meeting with the external reference group.

In 2015 the report has been revised including an overview of risk software Applications.

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