• Period | 2021 - 2024
  • Market | Natural Hazards
  • Partner | Statens vegvesen (SVV), SINTEF
  • Client | Norges forskningsråd
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GEOSFAIR - use of drones to assess roadside avalanche hazards

The research project GEOSFAIR explores the use of instrumented drones to make faster and better assessments of roadside avalanche hazards. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is the project owner.

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The project is organized as an Innovation Project for the Public Sector according to the guidelines of The Research Council of Norway. The project is led by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. NGI and SINTEF are research partners in the project. Se more information on the project website at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Norwegian text only).

Natural hazard assessment and management requires investigation and data collection in often inaccessible terrain, and the risk of avalanches is often greatest in storms and dark times with poor visibility. Information about snow, boulders, soil and water masses may therefore be deficient. Drones can carry instruments such as cameras, radars and laser scanners that provide crucial information to avalanche specialists that can be used in decision-making.

NGI's role

NGI leads one of four work packages and is responsible for organizing field demonstrations of new drone technologies and providing snow science expertise.

Read more about GEOSFAIR here. (In Norwegian only).

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Norwegian Public Roads Administration report 825, Lidar on UAS to support avalanche monitoring


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