HAV Eiendom AS (HAV E) is wholly owned by Oslo Havn KF and was founded in April 2003 to develop Oslo Havn KF land in Bjørvika. In connection with the sale/development of properties, HAV E has financial responsibility for archaeology and contamination. NGI has been engaged by HAV E to carry out environmental-technical ground surveys and preparation of data reports and measure plans, as well as follow-up of construction work.

Nine properties examined

NGI has carried out environmental-technical ground surveys on a total of nine sites in central Bjørvika, including sites for the new Deichmanske main library, new Munch Museum and HAV Eiendom's own project, Diagonale, featuring student housing and offices.

All surveys have been conducted in accordance with prevailing regulations and guidelines and coordinated with the Norwegian Maritime Museum (NMM) , which has carried out archaeological surveys. On several sites NGI has also applied ERT technology (electrical resistivity tomography), a geophysical method which, in conjunction with other methods, can help detect archaeological finds in the ground in a preliminary study phase. >

Results and deliveries

To ensure the safe handling of contaminated soil and water, action plans, detailed soil-handling plans and threshold values were created for environmental toxins in connection with discharge to the sea. An environmental risk assessment was performed with regard to sifting contaminated soil in order to reduce the volume of contaminated soil sent for waste disposal. Assessments regarding handling cuttings from black shale have been established. 

Hav Eiendom miljoeteknikk og forurensning2
Boring ved Akerselva Munch crop
NGI has carried out environmental-technical ground surveys on nine sites in Central Bjørvik.
Drilling by the River Akerselva on the site of the new Munch Museum