• Period | 2020 - 2028
  • Market | Geotechnics and Environment
  • Client | Norges forskningsråd
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EarthresQue - technologies for sustainable treatment of waste

EarthresQue is a Center for Research-Driven Innovation (SFI) that develops technologies and systems for sustainable management and treatment of waste and surplus masses. The center is led by NMBU and NGI has a central role in the research that is done.

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Professor at NMBU, Helen French is Center director. See the EarthresQue website for more information about the project. NGI's Gudny Okkenhaug is Deputy Center Director of EarthresQue, and leads one of three work packages, Recycling and reuse.

The main goal of the research in EarthresQue is to develop technology, system innovation and a management framework to achieve sustainable management and treatment of waste and surplus masses, based on a scientific foundation and education.

The research is organized into three interconnected work packages (WPs):

  • Recycling and reuse
    through new treatment processes for contaminated soil, surplus masses, construction and demolition waste, which make them suitable as raw materials in new products. Including management of old landfills and sustainable solutions for future landfills.
  • Sustainable waste management
    by developing methods and models for assessing and documenting sustainability, including all aspects of environmental, social and economic aspects of recycled materials and treatment methods, based on internationally accepted standards.
  • Regulatory framework
    and management methodology to remove current barriers, both financial, regulatory and managerial. This includes optimized material flow and business concepts adapted to society's need for more reuse / recycling and less use of virgin materials.

Norwegian Center for Research-Based Innovation (SFI)

EarthresQue is a Center for Research-Based Innovation (SFI), which will develop expertise that is important for innovation and value creation, and strengthen the business community's ability to innovate and create value through increased focus on long-term research.

The host is the Faculty of Environmental Science and Nature Management at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). The center was awarded SFI status by the Research Council of Norway in June 2020 and was officially opened on 1 November 2020. It will run for a period of 5 + 3 years after a mid-term evaluation.

The center is primarily funded by the Research Council of Norway and through contributions from a number of its industry partners.


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