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The part of E6 which runs south from Trondheim to Melhus municipality shall be reconstructed to 4-lane highway. NGI was responsible for geotechnical and environmental engineering in the design phase.

The environmental work has consisted of mapping of the pollution from road traffic including risk assessment, preparation of action plans, frame application and excavation plans. In addition, an application was worked out for the management of surface spill water from the finished E6, and NGI had the follow-up in the construction phase.


Soil masses along roads with heavy traffic will typically be contaminated by heavy metals and PAH. The challenge is to be granted permission to re-use contaminated masses in the road project and to reduce the extent of the polluted masses that must be transferred to approved deposits for contaminated material.


NGI has mapped the masses along the existing and the new E6 for assessment of the degree of pollution and risk assessment for proper handling of contaminated masses. In addition, applications for the management and handling of excavated masses and for discharge of surface water from the new E6 when completed, have been prepared. Environmental mapping has also been made along various structures along the road line.


The project has been granted permission by Trondheim municipality to reuse of the masses classified in class 1-3 along the road line and embankments for noise reduction. Also, masses in class 4-5 has been approved for disposal at approved repositories. The County Governor of Sør-Trøndelag has given permission to the discharge of the water from the road facility to nearby recipients. NGI also has follow-up responsibility of the environment technical work during the construction phase.