- Kjeller Innovation has long experience in getting new technology out on the market, and we learn much from our frequent discussions on ideas and opportunities with them, says James Strout, Head of technology development and innovation at NGI.

Kjeller Innovation is the project manager for NGI's commercialization priorities which are included in FORNY2020, which is the Research Council of Norway's program to create value and benefits for society from research results. Kjeller Innovation has the status of commercialization actor (TTO-Technology Transfer Office) in FORNY2020. NGI is co-owner and R & D-partner in two such initiatives:

- There are several ways to commercialize technological advances, explains James Strout. – We could establish a separate spin-off company where NGI participates as a shareholder, it could be licensing of the technology, or it may be to sell the technology to an interested party. Either way, the goal is that society will benefit with improved solutions and advantages of the results from NGI's research and development.

-It is interesting to see how a good innovative environment and established procedures to transfer technology furthers our dynamism. When we release the solutions externally and give them a platform of their own, we create room for something new, and at the same time we stimulate the creativity and whet the appetite for new thinking," says Strout.

NGI has set off own funds to support initiatives that can lead to the commercialization of new technologies. And will build up an internal innovation environment, "The NGI Ground floor", which will stimulate to think outside the box and develop new solutions.