When NGI’s experts and specialists are out on assignment – at sea, on land and in the air – personal safety is always at the forefront. Whether they are working in deep construction pits, on steep terrain, on bridges, on mountainsides or on offshore constructions, it is important to be able to move around and carry out tasks on safe ground.

In December 2016, NGI arranged a course in fall protection at its head office in Oslo, under the auspices of AAK Safety. Employees from the Instrumentation and Monitoring, Laboratory and Model Testing, as well as the Engineering Geology and Rock Technology departments participated in the course.

“We conduct this type of course frequently as we have many employees out in the field on assignments, where it is necessary to place extra focus on safety. For example, we are currently engaged on demanding and windy assignments on chassis for wind turbines in the North Sea for DONG Energy. During production, we will be working on 60-metre high structures in the shipyard. It is vital to ensure that all employees master the equipment and techniques for access, fall protection and basic rescue,” says Dag Tollefsrud, head of the Instrumentation and Monitoring section at NGI.

161207 KursIFallsikringNGI 0100 kombinert
"On safe ground" is the motto for everything we do at NGI, regardless of whether you have solid ground beneath your feet or not.  (Photo: NGI)


Core business compliance

Regardless of whether NGI’s experts are working on securing an old submarine wreck on the seabed, monitoring Norway's deepest construction pit, procuring avalanche warning systems or something completely different, the motto for NGI’s projects must also be complied with by the individual employee.

“We prioritise and focus on protecting life, health and the natural environment in all parts of the business. It is important that every employee feels they are being looked after, in terms of both personal safety and how the assignment is planned, adapted and implemented,” says Ellen Birkeland, head of Quality Assurance and HSE (health, safety and environment) at NGI. 

Over a period of one year, NGI conducts a number of courses. Not just for those who work out in the field, but also for those who plan and prepare bids and contracts, so that they are familiar with the provisions and HSE requirements.

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Lowering yourself down from great heights is part of the training.  (Photo. NGI.)