The Board of Directors for NGI Houston has accepted Taboada's resignation and has immediately taken initiatives to find a new permanent leadership for NGI Houston. Until a permanent successor is in place, Audun Hauge will take on this position.

Audun Hauge was President of NGI Houston in the period from 2010-2013, so he is familiar with NGI Houston, and many of its clients. Mr. Hauge has been an employee of NGI since 1985 and has a very broad experience in geotechnical engineering both as project manager for large projects and as Division manager in NGI Oslo, and President for NGI Houston.

The present activity at NGI Houston is very high. NGI Houston has grown from 9 employees in 2016 to 26 employees at present and acquired the C&C geotechnical Laboratory in this period. Business will continue as usual at NGI Houston with focus on serving our clients on ongoing projects.