Since our office in Perth, Western Australia, opened two years ago, a great deal of hard work and entrepreneurial man-hours has been put into achieving the status as a serious and reliable geotechnical player in Australia and the Southern hemisphere.

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Clients and NGi employees mingled in the warm Spring night in Perth. From left to right; Martin Kuhn (Shell), Sarah Elkhatib (NGI Perth), Rodney Silberstein (ARV Offshore) and David King (Cube Offshore)

"It has been a hectic two years for all of us and an intense learning process, but it has also been a lot of good fun. What our office in Perth has achieved in two years should make all of us proud. It is now a well-established team covering a broad range of competencies and experience", said Lars Andresen, CEO of NGI, in a speech at the reception in Perth.

Lars Andresen also pointed out that the staff at NGI Perth have brought new competence to all of NGI, and that NGI has benefitted and grown from all the personal contact points and the interactions in project teams, across all of NGI's offices in Oslo, Houston and Perth.

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About 100 invited guests and NGI employees mingled in the warm spring evening and night at the Elizabeth Quay in Perth.
Top left: Andrew Deeks, managing director of NGI Perth.
Top right: Andreas Pfaffhuber (NGI Perth), right, with guests and NGI colleagues.
Bottom right: Lars Andresen, CEO of NGI, enjoying the sun and the bubbles with the guests.

A positive outlook for the future

One of the reasons for setting up an office in Perth was to extend the research relationships, which NGI had already have over many years, with the University of Western Australia (UWA) and the Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems (COFS). The opportunities for joint collaborations and research are thus continuously growing and thriving after two years.

What no one could foresee two years ago was the tough market conditions that Australia and many other parts of the world are now experiencing. Suffice to say, this has also presented the office in Perth with opportunities, as companies have focused more on core business and have been looking to outsource geotechnical engineering.

"We have enjoyed responding to the opportunities the challenging market conditions have created. Our clients have trusted NGI and engaged us in their projects, and given us constructive feedback, which has allowed us to enhance our competencies. Every one of NGI Perth's employees has contributed to our success, and we are very proud of them", says Andrew Deeks.

The two-year anniversary marks the establishment of NGI Perth as a serious and competent geotechnical advisers in the Southern hemisphere. The outlook is positive, with new opportunities within renewable energy, in particular offshore wind, and an ever-increasing demand for geotechnical advice in both new and existing market areas.