Andresen was asked to join the board by newly elected European Vice President of the International Society of Soil Mechanics (ISSMGE), Professor Lyesse Laloui.

"This initiative fits well with NGI's mission and strategy towards 2025 with the objective for NGI to promote international knowledge development, interaction and sharing within geotechnics. I was therefore happy to be invited to partake in the ISSMGE European board", says Andresen.

Laloui has visited NGI several times over the years. He heads the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics, a highly advanced and renowned laboratory in Lausanne focusing on soil mechanics within fields such as CO2 storage, geothermal energy, unsaturated soil, micro mechanical characterization, and bio-strengthening of soil.

The board's main goals are:

  • Create a strong European Network and Identity
  • Enhance the image of geotechnical expertise by creating awareness of our profession internally and externally in our society
  • Promote innovation and contribution to response to major societal challenges (energy, CO2, natural hazards, climate change, etc.)

The board first met 27 April in Lausanne and will meet again in Istanbul in September. Then the Norwegian Geotechnical Society (NGF) and the other European national societies will be invited to a general assembly meeting in Switzerland in November.

What is ISSMGE?

The International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) is the pre-eminent professional body representing the interests and activities of Engineers, Academics and Contractors all over the world that actively participate in geotechnical engineering.

ISSMGE provides a focus for professional leadership to some 90 Member Societies and around 20,000 individual members.

The Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) is a leading international centre for research and consulting within the geosciences. NGI develops optimum solutions for society, and offers expertise on the behaviour of soil, rock and snow and their interaction with the natural and built environment. NGI works within the markets Offshore energy; Building, construction and transportation; Natural hazards, and Environmental Engineering. NGI is a private foundation with office and laboratory in Oslo, branch office in Trondheim, and daughter companies in Houston, Texas, USA, and Perth, Western Australia. NGI was established in 1953.