The view of Trondheim Fjord from high up in Tyholt provided the best possible backdrop for conclusion of the new collaboration agreement between SINTEF Ocean and NGI on Friday afternoon. The sea is an important focus area for these two strong research environments, which are going to explore, research and boost the possibilities for using the sea as a resource under the new collaboration agreement.

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“Both SINTEF and NGI have many years of experience with offshore technology. Mainly in connection with oil and gas development. But we have both identified and strategically focused on offshore wind power as an area where we want and are able to contribute. Together we are a strong, leading force in this field,” says Lars Andresen, NGI’s Managing Director.

Supporting the long-term plan

In the autumn of 2015, the Norwegian Government presented its long-term plan for marine research. The plan’s aims include more innovation and greater value creation through increased collaboration between Norway's research environments. The enhanced cooperation and joint focus on offshore wind between SINTEF Ocean and NGI supports this very plan.

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“We have already demonstrated our ability to carry out excellent projects with NGI, and are looking forward to building a national team that can take Norwegian offshore wind out into a demanding international market,” says Vegar Johansen, President of SINTEF Ocean.

Visible teamwork

Among other things, the new collaboration agreement will facilitate a more coordinated effort as a joint environment within offshore technology, expertise, research and consultancy. This will make SINTEF Ocean and NGI an attractive combined resource for future cooperation partners in both word and deed.

The ambitions for the new relationship also include setting up and developing more R&D projects, with at least one joint project a year. The first joint project between SINTEF Ocean and NGI was recently awarded funding by The Research Council of Norway. According to the project formulation, the WAS-XL project will study “Wave And Soil support for eXtra Large monopiles”.

Collaboration between SINTEF Ocean and NGI is to start immediately.



  • At the beginning of 2017, SINTEF, Norway's largest research organisation, merged its ocean research activities into one new institute called SINTEF Ocean.
  • SINTEF Ocean has combined research, laboratories and employees from MARINTEK, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture, and the Department of Environmental Technology at SINTEF Materials and Chemistry.
  • NGI, the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, is Norway's largest geotechnical specialist community and a leading centre of research and consultancy in engineering-related geosciences. In addition to its head office and laboratories in Oslo, and a branch office in Trondheim, NGI also has offices in Houston, Texas, and Perth, Australia.
  • NGI has more than 40 years of experience as a supplier of foundation solutions for the oil and gas industry, and has made a major contribution to Norway’s development as an oil-producing nation.