Norway is a country that offers all sorts of beautiful and challenging experiences in the great outdoors. Its wide open spaces and high mountains are wonderful for skiing, and summit tours have become a popular activity for many people. Unfortunately, statistics show that three to five people die each year in avalanches in Norway. Whereas it used to be people in buildings who lost their lives, fatal accidents associated with outdoor activities in steep terrain are on the increase.

Check the information video below (in Norwegian only).

Check slopes and choose a safe route

With NGI’s app, you can check the steepness of slopes, download offline maps of the area you will be skiing in, and choose a safe route both up and down.
The Bratt app is a great planning tool that will be especially useful for skiers who want to avoid steep areas where they could potentially trigger an avalanche (gradients of more than 30 degrees). The Bratt app will also make it easier for them to find their way in bad weather, mist and fog, as well as in the dark.

NGI Bratt app


The Bratt app includes:

  • NGI’s slope map plus the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s Norgeskart (Maps of Norway).
  • Superb function for distance measurement on the ground.
  • Facility for saving and managing offline maps of “your” patch.
  • Facility for rotating the map according to compass direction.

The Bratt app is available for iPhone and Android. The app has been developed in close collaboration with software company Symfoni Next AS.

Link to Bratt App on App Store:

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