Within the building and construction sector in Norway alone, the estimated cost for damages caused by groundwork is 13 billion NOK annually. The R&D project REMEDY aims to do reduce this number, and is a continuation of a previous research project, BegrensSkade 1 (Damage Limitation), which was concluded in 2015.

"The primary objective of REMEDY is to integrate foundation engineering, risk assessment and management, in order to reduce the technological and economic risks of damages caused by groundwork. The project focuses primarily on the three most common causes of damage, which are drilling, drainage and poor risk assessment", explains Jenny Langford, technical lead at NGI and project manager for the joint R&D project REMEDY.

Better together

Each of the three most common causes of damage are encountered in current and ongoing building and construction projects in Norway, which proves the importance of the project.
The project has 18 partners representing all types of stakeholders within the building and construction sector: Contractors, consultants, suppliers, property and project owners, public organizations and insurance companies, as well as research organisations. Each industry partner contributes a total cash funding of NOK 300,000 over five years.

"Thanks to the active participation and support from all 18 partners, we are now looking to save costs on a very big scale – and to introduce improved methods and guidelines for the entire building and construction sector. As the project manager it makes me proud to say that together we will make a difference for an entire industry", says Jenny Langford.

NGI leads the REMEDY project on behalf of the Research Council of Norway. The R&D project consists of six work packages due to be finished in 2022.  

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