The planned Ringeriksbanen and E16 is a joint project between the Norwegian National Rail Administration and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Approximately 40 km of double track railway from Sandvika-Hønefoss, and four lane E16 highway from Høgkastet to Hønefoss shall be built. Norconsult AS, Asplan Viak and Dr. Ing. A. Aas-Jakobsen AS (AAJ) are jointly awarded the consultancy contract for the joint rail and road project Ringeriksbanen-E16. NGI is subcontractor to AAJ.

This is among the largest consultancy contracts in transportation that has been called for in Norway, and has an estimated cost of 26 Billion NOK.

"As a subcontractor to Dr. Ing. A. Aas-Jakobsen AS, NGI will be responsible for engineering geology, geotechnical and environmental engineering in the areas where Aas-Jakobsen AS is responsible. This will be the areas Høgkastet-Bymoen and Styggedalen-Hønefoss, both located north of Sundvollen", says Magnus Rømoen, head of the Onshore Foundations Department at NGI.

Flying start with site investigations

In June NGI conducted site investigation surveys from helicopter, so-called AEM survey (Airborne ElectroMagnetics), along the planned route between Sandvika and Hønefoss (see link to video). This method ensures an efficient and fast mapping of the depths to bedrock and thickness of overlying soil, and also provides good indications of soil types and geology along the route.


"A total of 149 AEM-lines were carried out, totalling 625 kilometres, so that a wide field of the planned route is mapped. The helicopter flies with the AEM-equipment hanging about 30 meters above the ground. The AEM method provides information down to about 100 meters into rock and about 60-80 meters down in soil deposits", explains NGI's project engineer, Asgeir Lysdahl, who is analysing the data.

Traditional ground surveys in the form of drilling, sampling and in-situ soundings will be done in the fall of 2016. The results will be compared with the AEM-measurements, in order to ensure that both the railway and the highway will be designed on safe ground.

The consulting work started immediately, with the ambition of construction start in 2019 and opening of the new railway and highway in 2024.


  • The three consulting companies, Norconsult AS, Asplan Viak and Dr. Ing. A. Aas-Jakobsen AS, will to together develop the basis for zoning, including impact assessment and detailed technical design plan for the planned work.
  • The three consulting companies have established a joint company, NAA AS, which now has the responsibility for the consulting work.
  • NGI's experts will be involved in the project from the start to completion.
AEM linjer Ringeriksbanen

Map extract of Sandvika-Hønefoss with AEM-lines in read. Purple/black spots are locations for existing soil investigation borings.