In June NGI will host two rounds of training courses in environmental sampling for project engineers and field staff. The courses are held on assignment from Miljøringen, a Norwegian network for contaminated ground and sediments. The two-day course is held in two rounds, first time 5.-6. June and a new round 19.-20. June. The topic is related to sampling of the ground in addition to control and monitoring of the level of ground pollution in connection with the excavation and construction work.

The basic course in environmental sampling is designated for those who are out in the field taking samples for those who evaluate planned developments, zoning and areal planning, and environmental issues. The associated equipment and sampling-techniques will be demonstrated to the participants, and will get practical experience and solve practical assignments.

"The Environmental Authorities supports this course economically because it is important to maintain an industry standard. There is a desire for a standard procedure for execution of sampling and also a standardized and fair way of case treatment across communes and federal agencies throughout the country, "says Paul Sverdrup Cappelen, NGI's section head for Contaminants and Land Use.

The target group for these courses are consultants, public executives who evaluate projects for the municipalities, County Governor and the Environment Agency, public developers, contractors and owners of waste deposit sites. Several hundred participants have attended such courses on environmental sampling at NGI since it was first held in 2013.

Also soil sampling on the sea-bed

In the fall of 2018 Miljøringen will, for the first time in many years, arrange a course on sampling of contaminated sediment on the sea bottom. This course will be held by NGI in collaboration with the Norwegian Institute for water research (NIVA). Dates and course location will be announced by Miljøringen later.

NGI Kurs i miljoeproevetaking 2