“Implementation and Validation of Non-formal Training on Sustainability for Environmental Testing Laboratories workers” is the title of the ERASMUS + project funded with support from the European Commission. The Project will contribute to the implementation and validation of non-formal training on environmentally sustainable practices for technicians working in environmental testing laboratories.

Environmental Testing Laboratory operations may have significant environmental impacts, ranging from energy and resource consumption to chemical and equipment usage and waste disposal. Experience shows in many cases that this impact could be reduced or avoided in cost-effective ways without compromising safety.

NGI's contribution to the development of ECVET – lab guide of best practice is based on the long lab-experience at NGI with R&D and standardized lab-testing in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 17025.

Collecting Best Practices that laboratories are already following is an essential stage for fostering the best practices in other laboratories, which is one of the ECVET-Lab project’s goals. The exchange of knowledge and practical experience among laboratories from different European countries can be considered of outmost importance for defining the best practices applicable to the sector, as well as for promoting their implementation.

More information about the ECVET – lab guide of best practices can be seen here.