NGI helped lay the foundations of the Norwegian offshore industry. Specialist expertise within geotechnics, geology, geophysics and instrumentation has given us a unique basis for developing cost-effective and safe solutions for our clients. In partnership with industry, we help identify practical solutions to the challenges they face. Thus, NGI is a sought after geotechnical consultant with assignments throughout the world.

Our customers

NGI offers a varied range of services to the offshore industry. Our most important customers are major energy companies and their subcontractors.

Our customers require extensive expertise in offshore site investigations, foundation engineering, geohazards, petroleum geomechanics, CO2 storage and sequestration, subsea technology and instrumented monitoring of structures and processes. We work in conjunction with Norwegian and international suppliers and develop new foundation solutions for offshore wind power, for example.

What characterises NGI

NGI is known for its expertise within new field methods for examining seabed sediments. We are acknowledged specialists, through our renowned geotechnical laboratory, in assessing the behaviour of soil during wave loading and risk assessment in connection with offshore developments and installations, and the subgrade's suitability as storage for CO2.

Assignments and specialist expertise

We have participated in foundation engineering for the large gravity base platforms (GBS) on the Statfjord, Gullfaks, Troll and Hibernia fields. NGI participated in the development of suction anchor technology from the very start. This is now a standard method for anchoring and foundation engineering for offshore structures. Our expertise within offshore foundation engineering is now actively used for foundation engineering for offshore wind turbines.

NGI is one of the pioneers in the evaluation of geohazards, such as earthquakes, subsea landslides and seepage of gas from deeper strata up to the seabed. Our primary expertise is in understanding the mechanisms that lead to unstable seabeds, modelling of soil movement or landslides, as well as the quantification of risk and assessment of the probability of geohazards.

Driving force for the development of the geosciences

NGI has led a number of international research programmes for the offshore industry and collaborates with research institutions worldwide. NGI currently participates actively in developing new and vital technology for the future. We contribute in multiple R&D Projects. Examples are identification of dedicated waste disposal sites, safe techniques for the storage of CO2, and safe methods for monitoring offshore structures and sediments in the operational phase.