Our key expertise

is within surveying, monitoring, risk assessment, measures assessment and follow-up of clean-up. We also dedicate a great deal of time to making use of waste and residual products and environmental surveying of buildings.

Our specialist expertise within geotechnics, geology, environmental chemistry, hydrogeology, microbiology and monitoring technology gives us a unique basis for delivering customised and optimal solutions to industry and authorities.

Our customers

Typical work areas include environmental due diligence (EDD), surveys and rehabilitation of ports, airports, railway, commercial and industrial sites, mine drainage, landfills and waste disposal sites.

We are a natural collaboration partner for public and private clients, the authorities, consultants, contractors and industry.

What characterises NGI

Since the mid 1980s, NGI has performed environmental-technical research, development and consultation. NGI works to achieve sustainable and cost-effective solutions to rehabilitate contaminated land, groundwater and sediment. Our state-of-the-art environmental laboratory has been accredited by Norwegian Accreditation. Through small-scale model experiments, for example, we can develop and assess the effect and utility value of various environmental measures.

Driving force for the development of the geosciences

NGI has led a number of research programmes within environmental technology and collaborates with research institutions worldwide. For the Research Council of Norway, NGI led the OPTICAP project, a programme to assess and develop alternative methods of securing contaminated sediments in ports and fjords. We have helped develop methodology for risk assessment of contaminated land and sediment, as well as mapping of acid-forming rock types. NGI has held courses for the Norwegian Environment Agency, Miljøringen, and for several customers within our area of expertise.