Specialist expertise acquired through research and consultancy assignments within geotechnical and engineering geology enable us to offer a wide range of services to our customers. We offer an extensive range of geotechnical services for the building and construction sector. Thus, NGI is a natural collaboration partner for developers, the authorities, consultants, contractors and industry. In 2015, 45% of NGI's turnover related to the building and construction market.

Our services are used for construction, roads, railways, bridges, quays, ports, water and sewage systems, tunnels, mountain installations, dams and embankments. We cover the whole spectrum of the planning phase from feasibility studies to detailed design and follow-up in the construction phase, as well as the development of new and improved methods of calculation and design via Research.

Assignments and specialist expertise

NGI is a recognised and sought after consultant both domestically and internationally. We have specialist expertise in the material behaviour of soft clay and are specially noted for foundation engineering in such soil conditions. NGI has contributed to setting the industry standard. In the field of engineering geology we have specialist expertise in jointed rock and rock support requirements.

NGI has central approval as "Responsible designers" (RIG) and "Responsible applicants" in enterprise classification 3 in accordance with the Planning and Building Act. We have assisted in foundation engineering for large buildings such as the Oslo Opera House and the crossing for the E18 highway in Bjørvika. In the 1970s we helped develop the diaphragm wall method for construction of the underground railway through Oslo. The method was also subsequently used in the Bjørvika crossing.

Reliable ground surveys are a prerequisite for optimal foundation engineering and implementation of ground work. NGI performs traditional ground surveys with drilling and sampling of soil and subsequent laboratory testing, as well as a varied spectrum of geophysical survey methods.

Driving force for the development of the geosciences

NGI actively participates in trade associations both domestically and internationally. Several of our experts sit on expert committees, expert panels and standardisation committees. We frequently give lectures, and NGI is happy to host industry events.

With support from the Research Council of Norway and industry, NGI carries out R&D projects on relevant issues. Examples are BegrensSkade ("Damage Limitation") and GeoFuture. In another research programme in partnership with the building and construction industry we have developed methods and procedures for building in areas containing black shale. Typical issues in such ground conditions when swelling of black shale comes into contact with air and water, as well as the development of radon gas.

NGI also actively contributes to the development of methods and procedures for securing tunnels and caverns.