NGI has Norway's largest machinery park for site investigations (drilling rigs for soil sampling, in-situ testing, etc.), and NGI's geotechnical laboratory is one of the largest and leading of its kind in the world.

The laboratory conducts a large volume of routine and standardized tests on soil and rock samples from planned construction project sites, both for NGI's activities and for other geotechnical companies. NGI also conducts extensive research assignments and the development of new methods and investigations of mechanical and dynamic behaviour of geomaterials.

Instrumentation, monitoring and verification of how structures on and in the ground (and the seabed) behave during installation and in operational condition has been a key activity since the establishment of NGI. Planning and conducting model tests in both small and large scale (often full scale), both onshore and offshore, is a very central, specialized and important task for NGI. This requires extensive, varied and complementary expertise in different disciplines. NGI is an international leader in this field with assignments for industry and business in all parts of the world.

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