Board representation

According to NGI’s statutes, updated in 2016, the Board shall comprise eight members. Five of these members shall not be in the employment of NGI and should ideally have a background from:

  • consulting engineering
  • construction or industry
  • scientific higher education or other technical public sector or municipal enterprise
  • business practice in the fields of administration, finance or law

The five external Board members are elected for a period of four calendar years, and may be elected for one additional period. The Board elects new external members when old members have terminated their appointed period. Three Board members are elected by and from NGI's permanent employees. Employee representatives on the Board are elected for a period of two calendar years.

The NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) research group on geotechnical engineering has had a permanent observer on the NGI board ever since the early 1960's, when NGI’s lab and office in Trondheim became the NTH (former name of NTNU) Institute for Geotechnics. NGI opened a new department in Trondheim in 2002.

NGI Board members 2022

Presented according to position on top picture, from top left:

  • Chair, Christen Krogh, Rector dr. Philos, OsloMET
  • Board member, Morten Albjerg Liingaard, Senior Lead Specialist, Ørsted
  • Board member, Jon Sandnes, Managing Director, The Federation of Norwegian Construction Industries (BNL)
  • Board member, Kari Nygaard, Managing Director, NILU
  • Board member, Mona Skaret, Department manager, Division Director Development, The Norwegian Tax Administration
  • Board member, Ivar Arne Børset, SVP Operations and Maintenance management, Statkraft AS
  • Elected by NGI employees, Jenny Langford, PhD, NGI
  • Elected by NGI employees, Amy Oen, PhD, NGI
  • Elected by NGI employees, Magnus Rømoen, M.Sc./BIM Strategist, NGI
  • Observer, Vikas Thakur, Professor, Department Head - Civil Engineering, Geotechnics, NTNU
  • Elected deputy member by NGI employees, Siv Anneli Frederiksen Haugenes, Project Coordinator, NGI