NGI is Norway's leading geotechnical specialist community and we solve assignments for private and public clients both at home and abroad.


We work in the following markets

Offshore Energy
NGI is an internationally sought after geotechnical consultant for the offshore industry in connection with exploration, development and operation of offshore fields, including foundation engineering and offshore wind turbines.

Building, Construction and Transportation
NGI is Norway's largest geotechnical centre of expertise, offering services within construction and infrastructure both at home and abroad.

Natural Hazards
NGI assists industry, the authorities, police and land owners with expertise in handling every type of landslide, rock fall and avalanche.

Environmental Engineering
NGI identifies solutions and assists the authorities and industry in the clean-up of contaminated soil, rocks, sediments and groundwater.

Private commercial foundation

NGI is a private commercial foundation and an international centre on research and consultancy on engineering-related geosciences. We have our head office and laboratories in Oslo, branch office in Trondheim, avalanche research station on Mount Strynefjellet, overseas offices in Houston, Texas, USA, and in Perth, Western Australia. In addition, we have partnership agreements with well-established companies in the rest of the world.

Rooted in research

Our core mission is to aid social development in Norway with research, consultancy and contributions to education in the field of  engineering-related geosciences. NGI is an acknowledged meeting point for the public sector, technical experts and academia both in Norway and globally with regard to geotechnics. Through publication of research results, comprehensive lecture activities and participation on international expert panels, NGI actively contributes to further development and research within engineering-related geosciences.

At NGI we practise applied research, which means that our results must be relevant and adopted by the market, and benefit society, industry and the public at large. Through direct assignments for industry in Norway and abroad along with allocations from the Research Council of Norway and participation in EU research programmes, we conduct research into relevant issues.  The results of NGI's research are published and applied in practice to benefit Norwegian industry and society. NGI competes with other consultant engineers for ground survey assignments, as consultant engineers in geotechnics and engineering geology, environmental geotechnics, as well as landslide, rock fall and avalanche assessment and protection.


NGI is certified by BSI and holds and operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, and an Environmental Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015, for the scope of Research and development, consulting and services within the geosciences.