EWB Norway is an interest group that promotes development by providing Norwegian aid organisations with engineering expertise. NGI has had a cooperation agreement with EWB Norway since January 2016. This agreement involves not just financial support, but also engineering competence in the form of manpower, with NGI employees carrying out and assisting with aid projects under the auspices of EWB Norway.

NGI’s expertise covers everything to do with soil, rock and snow and their impact on the environment, structures and construction. For NGI, it is about researching and developing solutions for society so that we build, live and travel on safe ground. These are key skills in aid projects, where clean water, electricity and infrastructure are frequently of central importance.

NGI employees give back to society

The specialists from NGI who carry out assignments abroad in collaboration with EWB Norway have the chance to use their technical qualifications to make a difference in other people’s lives. 

NGI wants to encourage its employees to do engineering-related aid work by enabling each and every one of them to go out on assignment. This also boosts the professional development of our employees, and contributes to continuous capacity building.

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  • Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Norway promotes development by providing Norwegian aid organisations with engineering expertise. http://www.iug.no/
  • EWB Norway does not run its own aid projects, but helps other aid organisations with concrete assignments. These assignments vary in scope and type, and can involve anything from immediate crisis management to long-term development work.
  • EWB Norway was founded in 2011 and is affiliated with Engineers Without Borders globally through Engineers Without Borders International (EWB I). http://ewb-international.com/
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