From NGI's subsidiary in Australia, we work throughout the whole of Asia and Oceania with a range of leading players with local knowledge and specialist expertise. With NGI's know-how and experience from more than 60 years in Scandinavia and Europe, we offer heavyweight geotechnical, geological and geophysical capabilities to a part of the world that is developing at a furious pace.

Founded in 2014, NGI Perth has quickly impacted the Perth market and has become a highly sought after and reliable player in the geoscience and geo-survey market. NGI Perth has been able to expand its operations throughout Australia, Asia, India, Indonesia and the Pacific. Our initial focus at NGI Perth was the offshore market, however we have branched out, based on NGI’s extensive experience in Europe, and now offer services in areas such as decommissioning, contaminated ground and sediments, tunnelling, hydro-dams and renewable energy.

NGI Perth has also created a longstanding relationships through the signing of Memorandum of Understandings between both the University of Western Australia in 2014 (UWA, Australia) and Hydro Lab (Nepal) in 2016. Both these MoU’s represent the opportunity for enhanced future cooperation in the international geo-science and geo-survey related research, education, consultancy and broader scientific areas.

Our main specialities within the offshore and onshore sectors include: Data Mapping, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Risk and Impact Assessments, Environmental Monitoring Capabilities, Geophysics, Remote Analysis and GIS, Geosurveys and Geohazards, Geotechnical Engineering, Geotechnics and Geology Geotechnical Mechanics, Geoscience, Landfills, Waste and Mines, Offshore Renewables, Offshore Site Investigations, Site Investigations on Land.

Our clients include both local and international oil and gas operators and consultants, wave energy operators and NGO's.