Since the beginning of the 1950's it has been a fulcrum of research and consultancy within engineering geosciences. Our employees are among the foremost experts in the world in their respective fields and, since its establishment, NGI has been a beacon in the field of geotechnical research and development.

Since 1972 NGI has assumed national responsibility for developing specialist expertise on avalanche risk assessment. NGI led the International Centre for Geohazards (ICG) from 2002 until its closure in 2012. This was one of Norway's first centres of excellence, appointed by the Research Council of Norway. Several international experts and researchers from abroad are always present at NGI on scholarships and exchange visits.

The objects of NGI

The objects of NGI was formulated on its establishment in 1953 and comprise three main points:

  1. National centre for geotechnical research and development.
    Research and development within geotechnics and associated disciplines that create results in the form of new expertise, new methods and new technology.
  2. Develop knowledge and technology to be adopted.
    Our results shall be relevant to the market and shall be put into use.
  3. Professional development of employees and assistance with further education.
    Continuous skills development among own employees and interaction with the most important Norwegian academic communities within our specialised fields are a significant part of our operation.