NGI's experts and technical expertise are in demand in several parts of the world. At NGI Houston we are working with a number of leading players in the field of offshore energy, continuing to share our know-how and experience gained from participation on international projects since 1950.

Our relationship with USA and Texas also expresses itself in various ways. For example, NGI has signed a Letter of Intent with the University of Texas Austin (UT) for scientific exchange and cooperation. In 2015 the three NGI pioneers Knut H. Andersen, Rune Dyvik and Per Sparrevik were inducted into the Offshore Energy Center’s Hall of Fame in Galveston, Texas, USA  for their work on suction anchors (Suction Bucket and Suction Anchor).

Leading geotechnical expertise

NGI Houston engineers work in collaboration with NGI Oslo which is the largest centre for geotechnical engineering in Norway, and one of the world's leading centres for geotechnical expertise, working in close cooperation with national and international companies and scientific organizations. NGI's personnel strive to actively contribute to innovation and cost-effective solutions through industrial research and development projects and participation in international committees and expert panels.

Our ability to combine top competence from different specialities within geosciences enables us to supply a wide range of services. Our experience from challenging projects, in conjunction with the latest development in construction methods and equipment, give us a unique basis to provide our clients with state-of-the-art solutions.

Areas of expertise

  • Planning and participation in field investigations, including seismic surveys.
  • Laboratory testing of soils, including reporting with evaluation and recommendation of soil design parametres for geotechnical engineering analysis and design.
  • Foundation analysis and design, for shallow and deep foundations. Examles are suction anchors and driven piles, using analytical and fintie element methods.
  • Foundation stiffness response, using NGI’s soil models.
  • Settlements and consolidation analysis for deep Foundations, using finite element method.
  • Risk analysis, for instance related to geohazards, such as subsea slides, gas hydrates and earthquakes.
  • Soil dynamics, including seismic site response and liquefaction assessment.
  • Soil-structure interaction, analysis and evaluation.
  • Client representation,  for example during soil investigation campaigns, and foundation installation.
ISO9001 2015 certificate 250

NGI has ISO 9001:2015 certification for research and development, consulting and services within the geosciences.