Openness, respect, diversity, and equity 

NGI works actively towards a good work environ­ment characterized by openness, respect, equal­ity, and diversity. NGI does not accept any kind of persecution or discrimination of employees, related parties or others who are either directly or indirectly involved in NGI’s activities. NGI facilitates that all employees may develop and realise their potential independent of gender, ethnical background, political opinion, sexual orientation, or religion. NGI applies equal terms and fair competition in both recruitment and promotion processes.

NGI strives to have an international and diverse work perifacial environment. This makes mutual respect for each other’s diversity important and all employees are expected to reflect on how their behaviour may affect others.

NGI does not tolerate any kind of sexual harassment. Employees shall not purchase sexual services when on assignments or business trips for NGI. The purchase of sexual services is illegal in accordance with Norwegian law and can contribute to human trafficking. Human trafficking is illegal, and a serious breach of human rights.

“Employees shall contribute to good cooperation and teamwork and maintain professional contact with clients and partners. ”

Health, Safety, Security, and Environment 

NGI works actively for an injury-free and healthy work environment and promotes an open and proac­tive health and safety culture. We plan and act to prevent injuries and work systematically to manage connected risks. No activity is important enough to be conducted with hazard to life and health. NGI works in a proactive way to prevent any kind of unde­sirable incident. Employees should report any inci­dent impairing health, safety, security or environment according to internal procedures.

NGI strives to provide our employees a good work-life balance and adjusts the work load imposed to each individual employee accordingly.

Employees are not permitted to be under the influ­ence of intoxicating substances, including alcohol and drugs while working on behalf of NGI. Employees must not consume, or encourage others to con­sume alcohol and/or illegal substances in a way that exposes them or others to health and safety risks, or that would portray themselves, NGI or its business partners in a negative manner.

Professional behaviour in line with NGI’s values 

Employees are expected to act in pursuance with NGI’s values, i.e. trust, collaboration, action, and integrity, while cooperating and interacting with colleagues, clients or other parties of interest. NGI’s values provide the overall framework on how employ­ees are expected to behave. 


Employees should trust and respect others and be­have in a trustworthy manner. All colleagues, coop­eration partners, clients, competitors or any other third party shall be treated with a positive attitude in line with NGI’s values. 

As an employee you are expected to:

  • trust others when reviewing your work and be respectful when receiving feedback,
  • protect, treat with care and appropriately use NGI’s assets you have been entrusted with, while these assets shall not be used for personal benefit,
  • always apply NGI’s IT and Information Security policies and rules.


Employees shall contribute to good cooperation and teamwork and maintain professional contact with clients and partners.

As an employee you are expected to:
• proactively share relevant information and knowl­edge with your colleagues,
• proactively give professional help and assistance to your colleagues,
• involve your colleagues in processes and projects when relevant,
• collaborate to ensure all information is shared and reviewed mutually.


Employees shall take initiative, focus on solutions, and get things done. Employees should have courage and search for new opportunities. All employees shall contribute so that NGI always delivers.

As an NGI employee you are expected to:
• proactively contribute to organizational learning and the continuous improvement of NGI, for the benefit of NGI, our collaborating partners, and clients.
• give constructive feedback to your colleagues and identify learning possibilities for NGI,
• contribute to an open learning environment where there is room for exploring and testing, and to learn, also when the outcome is unexpected.
• take action on review findings.


Employees should always stand for their professional opinion, behave fairly and in compliance with NGI’s Code of Conduct. NGI exercises integrity by standing up for our professional expertise.

You should not put yourself or NGI in a situation where NGI’s capacity, capability or independence can be questioned, neither internally nor externally. Any action related to corruption, such as receiving or offering bribes is incompatible with NGI’s ethical values. You shall not offer or accept gifts or services of considerable value. Exceptions are small tokens or meals of limited value.

A conflict of interest may arise as a result of em­ployees taking up positions outside of NGI or having financial interests or close relationships to business partners or governmental agencies. Employees shall not be involved in tenders, recruitment procedures or other transactional processes in which the integ­rity or independence of NGI or the employee may be questioned as a result of shares of ownership, involvement or close relationship with the affected parties. Employees shall always inform their manager about circumstances that may be perceived to influ­ence/impact their competence or independence.