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The Code of Conduct reflects NGI’s Values: i.e. Trust, Collaboration, Action, and Integrity. Together with both NGI’s Steering Documents and Management System and applicable laws and regulations, the Code of Conduct provides the framework for what we consider to be responsible conduct.

In forming your judgement on a certain issue or action, the following basic ethical questions may be of assistance:

  • Is there a potential threat or risk to life, health, environment or safety?
  • Is it legal?
  • Is it reasonable?
  • Is it correct?
  • Can it be justified?
  • Could it be made public?
  • Is it in line with NGI’s Values and Code of Conduct?

The NGI Code of Conduct shall be applicable to employees of both the NGI Foundation (Stiftelsen NGI) and NGI’s international offices, any consultant representing NGI, as well as students and researchers affiliated with NGI. As an NGI employee, consultant or affiliate you shall follow the rules of the Code of Conduct and always strive to exercise good judg­ment, care and consideration in everything you do on behalf of NGI. The NGI Code of Conduct is designed to help you make the right decisions for yourself and for NGI. In addition to NGI’s Code of Conduct, all employees shall follow applicable laws and regula­tions, act with care and conformity, and refrain from any actions that may impair the trust in NGI.

If there is any uncertainty or conflict regarding ethi­cal questions, any employee should contact his/ her direct line manager. The manager shall support employees in dealing with any ethical dilemma they may face.

All employees shall ensure that they are familiar with and perform their duties in accordance with the requirements set in NGI’s Code of Conduct, NGI’s values, applicable laws and regulations, and in NGI’s Steering Documents.

All managers are responsible for ensuring that NGI’s Values and NGI’s Code of Conduct are complied with at all times. Managers are responsible for continu­ously working on achieving this and that performance is evaluated accordingly.

Violations of NGI’s Code of Conduct are not toler­ated and may have consequences for NGI and the individual employee. Violations of the NGI Code of Conduct may lead to disciplinary actions, including termination of employment or criminal prosecution. As an employee, consultant or affiliate you always have the right to notify possible misconduct or raise ethical questions with your manager. (See also fur­ther information in chapter 4 about reporting possi­ble violation(s) of NGI’s Code of Conduct.)