It is also NGI’s policy to act in accordance with relevant interna­tional conventions and guidelines set by international organisations, such as the United Nations (UN) or the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). In case differences exist between applicable laws, regulations and NGI’s Code of Conduct, we follow the norm setting the highest standard of behaviour.

Business Integrity and Quality

All activities related to both research and development projects and consultancy projects shall be conducted in a transparent, truthful and accountable manner.

NGI adheres to the General guidelines for research ethics and the Guidelines for research ethics in sci­ence and technology. (NENT – Norway’s national committee on research ethics in natural sciences and technology)

We achieve results through commitment, compe­tence, research and innovation. In close cooperation with our clients, partners and interested parties, we want to contribute to a knowledge-based sustainable development for both the industry and society.

NGI will execute diligence in providing the technical resources and competence necessary to carry out our projects in the best possible manner. NGI will, in line with our societal mission, strive to undertake assignments that promote research, development and innovation, as well as professional development.

Technical products and solutions of high quality, a good work environment, and environmentally con­scious choices shall be characteristic to all aspects of NGI’s business, both internally and externally.

We continually focus on improvement and innova­tion. Proactive risk management procedures and internal quality control are integral parts of all our activities.
We are committed to transparency, verifiability and accuracy in all our operations, while respecting our confidentiality obligations. All accounting informa­tion must be correct, properly registered and docu­mented, as well as reproduced in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We strive to provide information to and communicate with all interested parties in an open, accurate and timely manner. While respecting confidentiality obligations, NGI responds to external inquiries with fact-based information.

“All activities shall be conducted in a transparent, truthful and accountable manner.”

Uncertainty and the precaution principle 

Many of NGI’s technical results are influenced by statistical uncertainties and imperfect knowledge about site conditions. NGI shall ensure that these uncertainties are not neglected and aim for clarifying the degree of certainty and precision that characterize these results. The uncertainty of results shall be com­municated in a suitable and understandable manner to clients and decision-makers. In cases where the degree of uncertainty and the potential consequences for health, society or the environment are considered to be unacceptable, the following precautionary princi­ple should be followed: “When human activities may lead to morally unacceptable harm that is scientifically plausible but uncertain, actions shall be taken to avoid or diminish that harm.” 


We aim to promote and highlight sustainable alterna­tives in our projects for our customers and partners. The concept of sustainability encompasses economic, social, institutional, and environmental aspects. NGI aims to operate in a sustainable manner and to develop our activities in a way that adds value to our interested parties and the countries and local com­munities we operate in.

In line with NGI’s goals for sustainability and quality procedures, NGI will strive to contribute to a sustain­able development in all parts of our activity. A special emphasis on sustainable development is made when involving developing countries in vulnerable environ­ments.

Business integrity

NGI shall always provide independent and impartial advice. Conflicts of interest or roles may damage NGI’s actual or perceived integrity or independence, hence potentially disqualifying NGI from certain processes or damaging our reputation. Role conflicts may arise when NGI provides services to several par­ties connected to the same project or property, or in cases when NGI provides services in different phases of a project, such as project design, project manage­ment, supervision, and independent (third-party) con­trols. All employees must show due care and ensure that NGI’s roles are well known to all relevant parties, both internally and to our clients, if there is a risk that our independence may be questioned.

NGI shall, within the realms of possibility, verify that business partners have ethical standards equivalent to NGI. We carry out risk-based due diligence pro­cesses to ensure that the business partners’ reputa­tion, background and abilities meet our standards. Our work with sustainability and business ethics is not limited to NGI’s internal activities, but also includes our supply chain and procurement practices. Our requirements and expectations with regards to sus­tainability and business ethics shall be clearly commu­nicated to our partners, suppliers and subcontractors.

Any intermediary, i.e. any business partner acting on NGI’s behalf (e.g. consultants, agents, lawyers, lob­byists etc.) shall follow all applicable laws and regu­lations and are expected to adhere to NGI’s Code of Conduct. They shall, at any time, be transparent towards third parties that they are representing NGI. It is NGI’s responsibility to ensure that intermediaries understand NGI’s Code of Conduct and our require­ments and NGI has the right to exercise oversight and supervision of intermediaries throughout their engagement with us.

Fair competition and anti-corruption

NGI applies high commercial ethical standards and competes within the framework of competition rules in the markets we operate in. This applies in relation to our competitors and suppliers, as well as to our customers.

NGI’s competitiveness shall be based on offering high-quality expertise at a fair price. No one at NGI shall enter into contracts or other agreements that may conflict with national or international competi­tion laws and regulations.

NGI does not tolerate and works against corruption in all its forms. We do not offer, give, accept or receive bribes or other improper advantages, neither directly nor indirectly, for business or private gain, for our­selves or for others. We do not take part in any form of money laundering and ensure that financial transac­tions NGI is a part of, are not used to launder money.

Donations, sponsoring and political engagement

NGI can give donations or provide sponsoring in moderate amounts to support organisations or activi­ties that may have a positive impact on NGI’s reputa­tion. Only those organisations and activities should be supported, to which NGI can give a positive contribution or added-value by providing funding, in-kind support, resources or competence. In general, sponsoring or donations should not be granted to individuals.
All sponsoring and donations must be approved according to NGI’s Delegation of Authority. In this regard, NGI must be transparent about any kind of support given and all support must be followed up and reported to the upper management.

NGI shall not give donations to any political parties, political representatives or candidates. This does not prevent NGI from supporting political views in the interest of the company. NGI will not interfere with employees’ personal political views, statements or activities. However, these activities must be without reference to, or in connection with the employees’ relationship to NGI.

Secure information

NGI handles and makes use of information, IT sys­tems, and the internet in a responsible and profes­sional manner. Professional secrecy applies both ex­ternally and towards colleagues that do not need the information. All employees, consultants, and affiliated researchers sign a declaration of confidentiality.

Information produced and stored on NGI’s IT systems is regarded as NGI’s property, if not otherwise regu­lated. NGI therefore reserves the right to access all such information except when limited by applicable laws or explicit agreement with the respective person or institution.

NGI will uphold and respect confidentiality in our projects and manage our own and our clients’ material and immaterial property in a professional manner. NGI respects other parties’ intellectual property and their immaterial rights, while NGI utilizes any third-party intellectual property in a legitimate way, if required.

NGI complies with the applicable regulations for handling personal data. NGI follows the Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) recommendations on IT security.