The present NGI building dates from 1966 and does not meet the current needs for NGI. We have simply grown out of the building!

That we lack space is also visible from the outside. On the site, which NGI owns, we have large storage containers and machines standing. Much of the plot today is also used for parking. We want to make better use of our plot, which is regulated for business-oriented activities.

Want to demolish and build new

In the regulation proposal NGI has argued that it is necessary to demolish the existing buildings to build a new campus that will have space for NGI, other research institutions and relevant business. The building we have today is unfortunately not very flexible for future solutions, and does not have opportunities for space on the ground floor for shops, cafes and restaurants as the new building will have.

In other words, the new building will not only be an upgrade of NGI's office space in Oslo. NGI has visions and wishes for the building to contribute to a vibrant campus area that attracts important expertise and develops Ullevål as an active city center.

Added value to the area

By NGI demolishing the existing buildings and construct Campus Ullevål, parts of the site will be available to the public. All parking on the ground area will disappear, and there will be a public square and outreach businesses on the ground floor such as cafes, restaurants and small shops.

The building towards the RingRoad (Ring3) will shield the square and the Ullevål center from noise and airborne dust from the road.

To the west and the allotment garden, we plan to make the transition between our plot and the allotment garden nicer than today. Here there will be an environmental cover and planting to improve the view of the building from the allotment garden. NGI has invited the allotment garden to a collaboration and dialogue to find good solutions.

The goals for Campus Ullevål

To summarize, we want Campus Ullevål to:

  • be a good place for a unified NGI in Oslo
  • contribute to the development and improvement of NGI as a company
  • be a research and business campus that attracts exciting tenants and future employees
  • have a strong environmental and technological profile that is adapted to the way of working in the future
  • be a central knowledge center in the innovation district Oslo Science City.