The SRL provides space and advanced equipment for experimentalists to carry out tests on soils. The following professionals can work in the SRL:

  • Researchers wishing to specialize in soil behaviour or extend their know-how
  • Engineers wishing to initiate or continue a research project in the laboratory
  • Master's students specializing in experimental work
  • Doctoral students working on soil behaviour
  • Post-doctoral fellows with interest in soil behaviour, soil parameters and soil modelling.

Researchers from both Norway and abroad are welcome. The combination of the new SRL facility, modern equipment and electronics, and the proximity of NGI's laboratory and experienced personnel make this opportunity for research unique.

See how three previous SRL researchers value their stay.

Training, advising and the use of the facilities are free of charge. NGI can also provide ideas for research topics. Please contact one of the contact persons on the right for more information, or if you are interested in spending time working in the SRL.

Application for Post-doctoral position can be sent here.

The SRL's mission is to

  • Perform high quality research-oriented testing in the laboratory
  • Improve the understanding of soil behaviour
  • Attract researchers from Norway and abroad.

SRL test equipment

The SRL is equipped with modern equipment, including:

  • 4 advanced triaxial devices
  • 1 high capacity triaxial device
  • 4 shear devices (direct simple shear, shear box and ring shear)
  • 2 high capacity oedometer devices
  • Equipment to reconstitute cohesive soil specimens
SRL opening Ribbon cutting 590

The SRL laboratory was officially opened at NGI 15th May 2012, less than nine months after Dr. John Schmertmann (Professor Emeritus at University of Florida) and his wife Pauline (picture) made their generous donation to NGI for this new research Laboratory.

Background material may also be seen from Dr. John H. Schmertmann's own website for GEOTECHNICAL RESEARCH.