Geovita and NGI have the pleasure of inviting you to part 2 in a series of webinars on BIM modelling for subsurface structures and ground conditions. 

The second webinar will focus on engineering geology. The topic of this webinar is modelling of the geology for large infrastructure projects, and the use of a scanned surface and parametric design for optimizing design of tunnels and rock cuttings.

BIM for GeoScience part 2

Anwers Q&A BIM for GeoScience Webinar 2


  • Welcome - Magnus Rømoen 
  • Dynamic 3D modelling of geology for any project – Daniel Persen 
  • Rock tunnels: How to carry out rock engineering design with parametric modelling – Tom F. Hansen 
  • Rock slopes: From remote sensing to systematic bolting design – Jessica Ka Yi Chiu 
  • Summary/round up - Magnus Rømoen 

Learning objectives 

  1. How results from different ground investigation methods can be interpreted and used to create a geologic 3D model for a project. 
  2. How you can use parametric modelling in the rock engineering design of tunnels, specifically related to rock grouting and rock bolting, and how these models then can be utilized for communication and updating the design. 
  3. How the combination of scanning a rock surface and parametric design can be used for optimizing bolting design 


Did you miss the first webinar about modelling subsurface stratigraphy and parametric design for retaining walls? Or maybe you want to see it again? The video from the webinar is available below. 


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