Geovita and NGI have the pleasure of inviting you to a series of webinars on BIM modelling for subsurface structures and ground conditions. Join us for a first in a series of presentations where we showcase how to model subsurface stratigraphy and discover the power of parametric design for retaining walls.

BIM for GeoScience part 1


Anwers Q&A BIM for GeoScience Webinar

The webinar consists of three parts:

  1. A short introduction to the context and the tools used.
  2. Walk through of the 3D-modelling of soil layering for a large infrastructure projects.
  3. Presentation of dynamic BIM-modelling of sheet pile walls. In this part we will include how to communicate uncertainties in large 3D-models.

Full agenda:

  • Welcome - Magnus Rømoen
  • Introduction to the Context and the Tools - Mats Kahlström
  • Modelling of Soil Layering - Per-Anders Mortensen
  • Dynamic Sheet pile walls through Parametric Modelling - Nikolaj Børner Hansen
  • Communicating Uncertainties in bedrock model - Nikolaj Børner Hansen
  • Summary/round up - Magnus Rømoen

Learning objectives

  1. What is parametric design?
  2. How to model a complex, dynamic 3D-model of soil layering, with the possibility to show uncertainties in the model.
  3. How parametric design is used for the design and optimization of geotechnical constructions.
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