The SAG members attending the workshop were:

- Mandy Korff, Deltares, Nederland

- Mats Karlsson, Chalmers University, Göteborg (for Minna Karstunen)

- Anne Braaten, Statsbygg

- Frode Oset, Statens vegvesen

- Hans de Beer, NGU

Following a presentation from each SAG member, sharing valuable experiences from their respective field of expertise, an introduction to the REMEDY work packages WP3 and WP5 were given, in order to set the agenda for the workshop. The actual workshop consisted of two group discussion sessions on the themes of risk management and hydrogeology in relation to damage on third party interest. The findings from each session were summarized at the end of the workshop to provide guidance and a roadmap on further work for the REMEDY project.

The REMEDY project would like to thank all participants joining this workshop for fruitful discussions and comments on the research work and plans.