Offshore geotechnics

NGI Inc. provides geotechnical engineering consultancy services to the world-wide offshore oil and gas industry. Our services are related to development, operation, production, and decommissioning of offshore fields.

The ability to combine state-of-the-art expertise in geology, geophysics and geotechnics provides us with a unique starting point for increasing extraction and reducing costs and risk to our clients.

Who are our clients?
NGI Inc. offers a range of services to the offshore industry, and almost all of our business is related to the oil and gas market. Our most important clients are large oil companies and their sub-contractors.

NGI Inc. delivers

  • geotechnical foundation design for offshore mooring solutions, suction anchors and driven piles
  • offshore suction anchor installation supervision
  • geotechnical foundation design for offshore seabed structures
  • foundation solutions for all types of platforms
  • concept studies, calculations and numerical analysis 
  • together with NGI in Norway, risk analysis of geohazards such as subsea slides, gas hydrates and earthquakes

What are NGI known for?
NGI is especially well-known for its work in connection with new methods of investigation of seabed sediments in the field, and the behaviour of such soils under wave loading.

Assignments and state-of-the-art expertise
NGI have participated in the foundation work for the large gravity platforms such as Statfjord A, Troll and Hibernia. NGI was one of the pioneers in the development of technology for suction anchors, which today is a common method of anchoring offshore installations.  

NGI is one of the pioneers in the assessment of geohazards such as subsea avalanches and gas seepage into sediments.

A driving force in the development of earth sciences
NGI has led a series of international research programmes for the petroleum industry and collaborates with research institutions worldwide.